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MegaMen NYC : The Rise, Fall & Rebirth of Ghetto Soul [DOCUMENTARY]

MegaMen NYC : The Rise, Fall & Rebirth of Ghetto Soul [DOCUMENTARY]

ndmdigital in collaboration with OLOZANO productions presents MegaMen NYC : The Rise, Fall & Rebirth of Ghetto Soul [DOCUMENTARY] Watch legendary avant garde dj / production duo William Rosario & DJ Dimension celebrating over 20 years of collective underground dance music history, tapping into the untold story of MegaMen NYC ! Documentary Chapters 0:00 MegaMen Intro 1:24 MegaMen at Funk Box with DJ Tony Touch (Chelsea Ballroom, NYC) 1:44 Who are MegaMen ? 2:35 Big Will Rosario 3:20 House of Noise, Queens NYC 4:01 DJ Dimension 5:16 MegaMen Origin 6:09 Rave Influence 6:45 Sweatin' Records 7:25 Evolution 8:15 MegaMen at Funk Box with DJ Tony Touch (Chelsea Ballroom, NYC) 9:00 Rise of MegaMen 9:22 Ghetto Soul Sessions : enter the Live Stream era 10:48 Times Square Mega Store, NYC 11:25 The Fall 12:26 next dimension music 12:50 Breakin Necks and beyond 13:34 Big Will remixes House Classic "Day in the Life" by Todd Terry 14:17 Technology Challenge 15:04 Mega support from Legend Todd Terry 15:59 We Are MegaMen 16:41 Definition of MegaMen 17:40 Rebirth of MegaMen 18:40 MegaMen in da HOUSE !! 19:01 MegaMen 20th Year Celebration at Solstice, Barsmith, Phoenix Arizona 22:57 MegaMen are from NYC 23:12 Sacrifice 24:13 Comic Book Series 25:05 Goals & Visions 25:56 Manifest 26:12 MegaMen closing thoughts 28:09 Closing Credits 29:31 Mega Mom (we miss you) Spanish Harlem, NYC About MegaMen NYC … *** Since 1997 DJ / Production duo, Big Will Rosario (90s House Music pioneer / Grammy recognized producer) and DJ Dimension have blazed a trail of underground NYC sound weaving a diverse blend of raw electronic flavor, with releases on Strictly Rhythm King Street, Waako , ZYX Records, Nervous Records, Dope Wax & Made in Miami. MegaMen haven't been strangers to creating unique experiences for their fans as they have helped to pioneer live streaming dj sets in 2001 with the birth of The Ghetto Soul Sessions which became a DJ mix compilation series resulting instore CD release signing at Virgin Time Square MegaStore (2003) plus appearances on Roof TV (Telemundo) and MTV 2 in 2003. ****************************************** about MegaMen NYC comic book ndmcomix #1 is an award winning anthology remixed into a comic book curated, created & narrated by Joseph “DJ Dimension” Mercado, based on underground electronic music legends William Rosario & DJ Dimension as they morph into dj superhero’s MEGAMEN thrusted into an epic battle to defend the underground and restore Ghetto Soul versus a beast from the EDM void !!! This limited edition unique collectable is an exciting action packed comic book starring illustrators Albert Morales, Justin Bua, Kamora 'Artsoldier77" Jones, Creation80 and Andrewit. Each book is printed with a soft satin laminate cover, 32 full color pages with its own unique serial number matching with a pearl ice "baseball card" size card of authencity featuring ndmcomix #1 cover on one side and list of artists on the other side of the card. Most recently ndmcomix #1 was the 'Artist Choice" award winner at BAM ! Comic Book Inspired exhibit in Goodyear Arizona and has become a passage to inspiring others for ndmdigital digital curator Joseph "DJ Dimension" Mercado using his own past trauma to connect with youth around the nation empowering creative healing by discovering our inner superhero. . ⊛ MegaMen NYC comic book series ⊛ MegaMen NYC (Documentary Soundtrack) The Rise, Fall & Rebirth of Ghetto Soul ⊛ MegaMen NYC & ndmdigital Merchandise, TeeShirts, Hats ⊛ MegaMen NYC Official website ****************************************** Mega respect to all of the artists, labels, dj’s, producers mentioned in this documentary and to all MegaMen & ndmdigital supporters worldwide...we thank you for the inspiration . special thanks to the collaborations that helped this documentary come alive check out more from ... * Video Production & Edits OLOZANO productions * Interview recorded by Sonoron Sol Films * DJ Performances recorded at Solstice Saturdays / Barsmith Phoenix FunkBox NYC /Chelsea Ballroom , New York City peace ndmdigital * notes: Video contains a scene with imagery that can be disturbing to some people, thanks. #megamennyc #strictlyrhythm #megamen #toddterry #williamrosario #djdimension #nextdimensionmusic #dimension #electronicmusic #documentary #dancemusicculture #nervousrecords #themegamen
MegaMen  /  Ghetto Soul Sessions 2022 / DJ Dimension & DJ Big Will Rosario  #megamen #djdimension
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